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Q. What is the College doing about IT Safety and Security / Data Protection?

A. What Birkbeck are doing:

A Project Group has been established to lead on this work, leading to:-

    • Establishment of this website
    • Appointment of a new Data Protection Officer
    • Appointment of a new IT Security Manager
    • Auditing our data
    • Updating Privacy statements


Q. Who does this affect?

A. This effects everybody:

You have to be aware of any personal data that you use and ensure that you do not use it or share it in any way that is in breach of the GDPR. You must also be aware of what to do if you believe a data breach has occurred.

Q. Do we have to comply with the GDPR if we are leaving the EU?

A. Yes:

The GDPR are directly applicable in all EU member states and do not require local legislation to embed them.  However, the Government is bringing in a Data Protection Bill (DPB) which will apply in parallel with the GDPR. The new legislation is applicable to all organisations in the UK regardless of any outcome of Brexit.