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Event booking using Eventbrite

Many staff currently manage event booking using Eventbrite ( - an external event management platform.

Birkbeck does not have a contract with Eventbrite. Eventbrite is not engaged as a data processor on Birkbeck's behalf.

It is important to understand that should you use Eventbrite to organise events, but you must make participants aware that if they put their data in to the Eventbrite website they are sharing it with Eventbrite under Eventbrite’s privacy notice. You should also direct participants to the relevant privacy notice covering the onward processing of the data when Birkbeck retrieves it from Eventbrite. We have standard privacy notices for applicants and students, staff, friends and donors and enquirers/prospective students here You should provide an alternative (e.g. direct email) for people who don’t want to put their data into Eventbrite.

Suggested text: 

Bookings for <<EVENT NAME>> are being taken via Eventbrite. You can book via Eventbrite here <<ADD LINK>>. Important Information: Eventbrite is a privately run platform for event booking. By booking via Eventbrite you will become an Eventbrite user, and your data will be processed by them as described in their privacy policy. In addition please note that data you regarding your booking and attendance at this event will be passed from Eventbrite to Birkbeck and processed in line with this privacy notice (<< ADD LINK TO RELEVANT PRIVACY NOTICE>>).

It would also be sensible to include this information in the Eventbrite booking confirmation email (which can be configured for the event).

Please be aware the College is currently developing a new system for staff to organise and manage events through the Birkbeck website, which will be GDPR compliant.  It will be launched in autumn 2018.