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SPSS installation guidelines

Download the main installation files for SPSS (both 32 and 64 bit versions).

Additionally you will also need the fix/patch file for the version you are downloading (available from the same link above).

If you are installing on a Mac, check your security settings for Gatekeeper.

Mac OS Installation instructions

Also note you skip step 9 (JAWS) as that is for Windows only.

You will also need the current licence code for the version of SPSS you are installing.

  1. Before you start, ensure you have a working internet connection and a copy of the licence code (it is best to have it electronically ready to be copied and pasted when you are prompted for it)
  2. Download the  relevant installer file and the smaller associated patch file (32-bit or 64-bit version depending on your computer). If you have an earlier version of SPSS on your computer you should backup any personal SPSS data files and then uninstall it first.
  3. Click on the installer file.
  4. The installation files will be extracted.
  5. When the Installshield Wizard loads it will ask what sort of license you require, individual, site or network. Choose Authorised user license then click next.
  6. Accept the agreement and click next.
  7. Enter your name and the organisation (Birkbeck)
  8. Choose any additional help languages you require then click next.
  9. Click Yes or No, depending on whether you need to use JAWS for Windows screen reading software enabled, then click next.
  10. Click Yes to install Essentials for Python, and click next.
  11. Accept the terms of the agreement and click next.
  12. Select the destination folder - we recommend you use the default values unless you have a good reason not to.
  13. Click Install to start the installation.
  14. When the installation has completed you will be prompted to start licencing the product. Click OK to start this process.
  15. On the Product Authorisation window, select the button next to licence my product now, and click next.
  16. Enter the authorisation code and click next.
  17. If this is successful you should see a message saying successfully processed all codes.
  18. Before starting SPSS you need to install the SPSS patch (fix file)
  19. When you start SPSS for the first time you may see a message that a firewall has blocked a component from operating - you should choose the option to override this blocking action.
  20. Test SPSS by opening some data and running a statistical analysis, ensure you include a graph in the output to check the Java based graphics engine is working correctly.


How to update the licence code

  • If SPSS is running, choose Help and then SPSS Licence Authorisation Wizard.
  • Or, without SPSS running, go to Start - Programs - SPSS - SPSS Licence Authorisation Wizard
  • Once the wizard loads click Start and follow the on-screen instructions - choose the first option, "Licence my product now"
  • Success is greeted by a confirmation

Via Email

If the on line licencing does not work you will see an error message and may then click Next to licence via email. To use the email installed on your computer, e.g. Outlook express, choose the first option, Desktop Email. If you use Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or another internet email service, choose the second, "Web based email". Copy and paste the information shown on screen and send to