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Green IT

Green IT is a term used to cover all aspects of IT manufacture, use and disposal, and how it relates to the environment. There are a number of strands:

  • Power - IT is a power hungry industry, dependent on power for the manufacture of equipment as well as its use.
  • Raw materials - gone are the days when it was acceptable to put a broken monitor in the bin, and great care has to be taken in the disposal of equipment and associated hazardous materials.
  • Changes in working practices - equipment is lasting longer, we are requiring remote access to facilities, and potential for conferencing.
  • New technologies - potential for "thin client" computing, and virtual desktops and servers.

Birkbeck has around 1200 staff and approaching 2000 desktop computers of various types. While the actions of one person are unlikely to have much impact on a a seven figure electricity bill, if enough of us take a few simple steps we can have an impact on the amount of fuel used to generate that power and the cost to the College.

Initiatives and practices within ITS.

Top tips for improving your working practices.

Estimating the cost of running IT equipment and some potential savings.