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Frequently asked questions

Can I find my username online?

Providing we know your contact email address you can request a reminder of your username be emailed to it, go to

Then click the 'forgotten my Birkbeck username' link on the right

I want to confirm modules, check results or pay my fees, where do I go?

You should use the My Birkbeck site at

I see an error message when enrolling

While we can reset an enrolment right back to the start, any error message that prevents you from continuing with enrolling is not something we can help with; any queries of this type can be passed to BSIS, at

I haven't yet received my ID card.

Your ID card will be sent out automatically once your photo is uploaded onto the system - this is not something that ITS look after, so you should contact the My Birkbeck help desk if you encounter problems. You may upload a picture yourself via the My Birkbeck site or may post the photo to the My Birkbeck help desk. See for full information.

How do I access journal articles?

You must login to the Birkbeck Library site, either via the cookie or alternative login page, rather than directly to the journal repository. See the Birkbeck elibrary page for more details -  If you are able to login to the alternative login page then your username and password is working fine and you should contact the Library in the event of any problems with access to journals.

Why can't I follow journal article links from Moodle?

Some journal articles are linked to in such a way that although the link will work from a PC within Moodle, from outside College you may not be able to gain access. In these cases, use the method above ("How do I access journal articles?") to access the article via the elibrary,

The email address you hold for me is wrong, how do I fix it?

You should login to your profile on the My Birkbeck site at  Once logged in to your profile you can update your contact details.

Can I have a Birkbeck email address?

Although you are welcome to use your own email address for communications from Birkbeck, you may opt to have a Birkbeck email address (in the form as well as or instead of another email address.To set that up login to your profile on the My Birkbeck site at  Once logged in you can request a Birkbeck email.

This usually takes a couple of days to setup, and you will be emailed when it is ready. Then you will need to change your password (at to be able to access it.

My courses are missing from Moodle.

Courses are added automatically from the central registration database, and that process will take a couple of days from whenever you complete enrolment. If courses are missing in Moodle you should check you have completed enrolment, and speak to the course administrator within your School to check the correct modules have been added.