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Acceptable Use of ITS Workstations

In our annual surveys, users regularly comment on the unacceptable behaviour of some workstation room users, we would like to remind you of what is regarded as acceptable behaviour. The guidelines given here are based on common sense, normal social behaviour expected of mature adults, and respect for other members of the College - both Students and Staff.

  1. You should always check the timetables before entering a workstation room.
  2. Teaching of academic classes has priority, although some lecturers will allow students to use free workstations. This is at the discretion of the lecturer, based on the needs of the class. Students must leave promptly when asked to do so by a lecturer as class time is limited.
  3. If you are using a room where a class is taking place then you should avoid noisy activities such as printing or fast typing, which can drown the lecturer's voice for people at the back of the class.
  4. Eating and drinking in workstation rooms is not allowed.
  5. All rubbish must be put in the bins provided.
  6. Workstations should be used for official College work only.
  7. If you are consulting with someone you should talk quietly.
  8. Mobile phones should be switched off.
  9. You should always logout before leaving a workstation.
  10. You should never give your username and password to anyone else.
  11. You should never try to install your own software on ITS workstations.
  12. You should not use more than one workstation during busy periods.
  13. You should not tamper with the equipment.
  14. Do not open any windows or tamper with the cooling system.
  15. All faults should be reported to ITS on x6320 or x6543.

Users should familiarise themselves with the College Computing Regulations [ ], which along with other regulations (such as the JANET Acceptable Use Policy [ ] ) govern use of the facilities. You should have received a copy when you received your username and password. Please contact ITS Help Desk if you need a printed copy.

Although CCS are reluctant to suspend student accounts, anyone found to be acting in such a way that they cause disruption to others or breaches of security is liable to have their account suspended.