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ITS Documentation List

Introductory Documentation

Birkbeck IT Fitness Programme

Overview of Services and General Guides

Usernames and Passwords

Open University materials on IT skills

Documentation on the My Birkbeck site

Electronic Mail

All members of Birkbeck (students and staff) should familiarise themselves with the Electronic Mail guidelines (includes information on Good Email Practice, the Student Webmail Service, also Email Distribution Lists for Staff).

Webmail (for Students)

Outlook (for Staff)

Using ITS Workstation Rooms

Introductory information, locations and opening hours


Storage (includes information on how to use memory sticks)

Computer Security

Microsoft Office Applications

Covering:  word processing (Word), spreadsheets (Excel),  databases (Access),  presentations (Powerpoint), desktop publishing (Publisher)

Outlook (Staff only)

Assistive Technology

Disability Support




    Kurzweil 3000 

Wireless and Mobile Computing

VPN Service

Web related

    Web Authoring