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Free Tier 4 visa application checking service

Available to Birkbeck students and unconditional offer-holders, our Visa Application Checking Service is designed to help you with your Tier 4 visa application, by checking your application and sending it to the Home Office on your behalf. 

What this service offers

Our immigration adviser will:

  • check your supporting documentation and Tier 4 visa application
  • help you to write supporting letters if necessary
  • pay for special delivery postage
  • track the progress of your application
  • arrange secure receipt of any returned supporting documentation and new visa.

In order to use this service, you will need to present all of the supporting documents that are required for your Tier 4 visa application.

Want to book this service?

Please note that an adviser cannot check your Tier 4 visa application without making a prior arrangement.

Download our useful Tier 4 application checklist