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The exhibition is set up in a dual structure: it contains a database of images and one of texts, both of which are labelled and referenced according to themes, discourses, and key concepts for thinking through national identity and state formation, as well as by person, place, year, institution, etc. You can create your own selection of images and texts by ticking the relevant boxes on the search forms contained in the Gallery and Library sections. To access the search form for images, simply click on 'Gallery' in the banner above; to access the search form for texts, click on 'Library' in the banner, then select 'Search the text database'. You can also search the critical and historical texts stored on this website by person, place, and institution, as well as by looking them up on the alphabetical Index of Documents. A number of historical documents are also available in facsimiles. For more details on using the 'Gallery' and 'Library' search forms, simply select the relevant links on the left margin of this page.

If you want to find out more about the meaning and use of concepts and critical terms, so as to improve your search results, you can either read the general Introduction (which you can access by clicking on 'Library' in the banner and select 'Introduction' from the index) or take one of the Tours through the image database. These are organised by key concepts such as 'origin', 'monument', 'nature', or 'the other', and provide you with annotated examples of how you can organise a virtual showroom in conceptual terms.

The exhibition also features links to other relevant sites on the internet. To access these, click on About in the banner and select Links from the index. Most of the critical and several of the historical texts also feature links to related websites on the internet. These will usually open in separate windows, so you can close them without having to leave the exhibition.

Finally, technical information about the making of this website, and notes on copyrights and collaborators, is stored in the section.

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