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Two different kinds of links are highlighted in the texts. Words highlighted in red indicate links to other areas of the Relics and Selves exhibition, those highlighted and underlined indicate links to other sites on the web. Use the back button of your browser to return from these to the Relics and Selves exhibition, or bookmark the Iberoamerican Museum of Visual Culture before clicking on an external link.

Links within the exhibition can refer to: (a) background pieces, which provide you with additional information on a particular work, person, event, or institution; (b) historical pieces quoted in an article or essay, or illustrating a particular point; (c) lists of the texts and paragraphs where a particular person, place or institution is mentioned elsewhere in the exhibition; or (d) images. These, as well as background and historical pieces, will appear as separate windows. You can close, reduce or enlarge these without leaving the exhibition. To return from a list to the document you were reading, use the back button of your browser.

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