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The Library section comprises a wide range of historical sources as well as critical studies of certain aspects of the exhibition, and short backgound pieces providing you with bio-bibliographical or context information. You can access the full collection of texts stored in digital format through the Index of Documents, and those stored as facsimiles through the Index of Facsimiles. With the exception of the facsimile documents, you can also browse the text collection by person, place, or institution, or choose the text search form if you want to combine subject and keyword searches, similar to the way in which you would browse an academic library catalogue.

The text search form is organised similar to the image search form in the Gallery: you can select specific persons, places, institutions, discourses and media by choosing from the pull-down lists, or tick the boxes for particular key concepts and decades. The numbers appearing after these categories indicate the number of passages in texts that they refer to. Note that the numbers after key concepts refer to entire documents, while all others refer to passages within documents (i.e. a single document may comprise several paragraphs highlighted as pertinent to your search).

If you are unsure about the distinctions between the levels of categories (e.g. 'discourse/medium' as opposed to 'key concepts'), please re-read the information about the Gallery search form in this 'Help' section.

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