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In the Gallery, you can access thousands of images related to the question of national iconographies and images of the state in late nineteenth-century Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Rather than in a fixed and static order, these are stored in such a way that you can design your own collections or showrooms based on your specific interest in the subject of the exhibition. In order to do so, you simply have to fill in the search form that opens when you click on Gallery in the banner.

The search form is divided into five areas. You can enter as much information, or tick as many boxes, as you wish. Choose 'And' on the bottom right of each area if you want to see only those images to which all the categories you have selected apply, and 'Or' if you also want to see those which only refer to one single category of your choosing.

In the first area, on top of the search form, you can enter specific information, such as the name/title, date or place of creation of a particular image or object. You can also specify the person -either the author of or the person depicted on an image-, decade, country, and the institution from which the image was sourced.

In the second area, you can choose the medium or form of display of the images and objects you want to retrieve from the database. For instance, if you are looking for images of, or objects displayed at, temporary exhibitions, tick the box 'exhibitions', whereas, if you are looking for images relating to museums and their collections, tick the box 'museums'. There is also a separate box 'collecting' for images related to the process of object-gathering, prior to their display at museums or exhibitions. As in the case of this example, images may appear in several of the showrooms created by your searches, but you may still find it useful to run separate searches for each category, so as to study these images in different contexts.

The third area offers you the opportunity to organise your showroom according to some of the principal discourses of the period. These comprise both academic disciplines such as 'geography' and 'natural history', many of which took shape during the period covered by the exhibition, and social and cultural discourses of the time, such as 'progress' or the 'social question'. Once again, you can combine any number of categories.

The fourth area lists the key concepts according to which the images in this exhibition have been selected and classified. In the Tours section, you can find guided tours through the image collection that tell you more about the meaning and scope of these concepts.

In the fifth and final area, you can select categories from a list of themes to specify the kind of visual content that you are interested in. Before pressing the 'Start Search' button, you should select whether you want the images retrieved by your search displayed in order of decade, country, or creator/author.

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