Relics and Selves


Relics & Selves is a joint project of Birkbeck College, School of Languages, Linguistics and Culture and King's College, Centre for Computing in the Humanities, both of the University of London.

Project outline
Dr. Jens Andermann (Birkbeck)

Project coordination
Professor William Rowe (Birkbeck)
Dr. Harold Short (King's College)

Research and curation
Dr. Patience A. Schell (University of Manchester)
Dr. Jens Andermann (Birkbeck)

Electronic publishing
John Bradley, Paul Spence (King's College)

Graphic design
Dr. David Hanlon (Birkbeck), Helena Ivins (King's College)

Curatorial board
Professor Dawn Ades (Essex), Dr. Catherine Boyle (King's College), Dr. Alvaro Fernández Bravo (Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina), Dr. David Treece (King's College)

Paola Cortés Rocca (Princeton), Gonzalo Cáceres Q. (Pontífica Universidad Católica, Chile) Alvaro Fernández Bravo (San Andrés, Argentina), Irina Podgorny (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina), Claudio Robles (Davis, CA), Fermín Rodríguez (Princeton), Maria Inez Turazzi (Museu Imperial, Petrópolis)

Special thanks
The members of the Relics and Selves project wish to thank Robin Kilpatrick at King's College for his advice on imaging, our research assistant Jennifer Fraser for her invaluable aid during the final stages of the project, as well as all library and archive staff in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Britain and Germany who have supported our rather unconventional ways of sourcing materials. Without their amability and support, this project would not have been possible. Thanks also to Mansour Shabbak and David Murray at Birkbeck College, London, for their technical support throughout the process of putting together this virtual exhibition
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