Relics and Selves

A note on copyrights

The Iberoamerican Museum of Visual Culture holds a copyright for internet publishing for all essays, articles and background pieces included in the Library section. Please quote these by author, title, and indicate as their place and date of publication: Relics and Selves: Iconographies of the National in Argentina, Brazil and Chile (1880-1890). Web exhibition, London 2000.

Copyrights for images are held, if not otherwise indicated, by the institutions displayed on the Full-size view screen. We have used imaging formats which cannot be used for off-screen reproductions of images, and have notified institutions sourced of our purpose to use images or representations of artifacts from their archives. Any institution concerned about the use of particular images should please contact, or write to:

Dr. Jens Andermann
Birkbeck College
School of Languages, Linguistics and Culture
43 Gordon Square
London WC1 OPD

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