Relics and Selves

Call for Papers
The Iberoamerican Museum of Visual Culture on the web invites researchers to contribute articles to its forthcoming interactive exhibition Relics & Selves: Iconographies of the National in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile (1880-1890), to be launched in November 2003. Texts can be submitted in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and should not exceed 6000 words. The articles should have a clear relation to the subject of the exhibition and/or the image collection, which researchers can browse through at the web address indicated above. All papers submitted will be peer-reviewed by internationally renowned specialists. Accepted manuscripts will be web-edited by curatorial staff of the Iberoamerican Museum, i.e. linked to visual and textual sources featured in the exhibition, indexed, and cross-referenced to pieces on cognate subjects. Texts will appear in the final version of the exhibition both in English and Spanish or Portuguese, depending on their subject matter. The Iberoamerican Museum of Visual Culture on the web constitutes an experiment in scholarly writing, exploring new forms of intertextuality made possible by the Web, to which we are bringing scholarly peer review procedures. Web publication is not only instant, interactive and multilayered but will reach beyond the bounds of a scholarly journal. The articles could be read thousands of times a day by 'surfing' students and researchers of all levels. If you are interested in participating, please send your manuscript and a 250 word-abstract to the curators at call does not have a deadline, since web publishing allows for constant revisions and additions to an existing corpus of work. However, contributions will only feature in the exhibition at the time of the launch if manuscripts have been received by 31 July 2003.
Iberoamerican Museum of Visual Culture on the web
Dr. Jens Andermann
Birkbeck College
University of London
43 Gordon Square
London WC1 0PD
April 2003
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