Human Resources

Length of academic probation period

3.1 The standard length of the academic probation period, in order for the probationer to meet with College criteria in all required areas, is as follows:

  1. Probation length of three years for Lecturer Grade ‘A’ or Grade ‘B’;

  2. Probation length of two years for Senior Academic Staff (Senior Lecturer, Reader or Professor),

3.2 The length of academic probation period for each appointee will normally be determined by the Chairman of the Appointment Panel on appointment at the College, to allow the probationer to demonstrate all aspects required of their role.

3.3 The academic probation period may be reduced where the appointee has sufficient relevant academic experience and qualifications, already meets one or more of the criteria for passing academic probation, and presents the Appointment Panel with evidence to this effect.

3.4 Where the appointee has fully completed academic probation elsewhere and presents evidence of this to the Appointment Panel, the academic probation period may be waived by the Chair of the Appointment Panel.

3.5 The period of academic probation may be extended by one further year if the Panel is not satisfied with the probationer’s progress when this is assessed during their final year of academic probation.

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