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General notes on the procedure

These procedures apply to applicants for Lecturer A to Lecturer B, all established Lecturers, Senior Lecturers and Readers at Birkbeck:

  1. The case for promotion (i.e. re-grading) may be made only on the basis of achievements clearly beyond those customarily required for satisfactory performance of a staff member’s duties, except for advancement from Lecturer Grade A to Grade B. Lecturers’ that are at the top of the Lecturer Grade A scale are invited to apply for promotion, given that they are able to provide evidence of good performance across  teaching, research and management/ administration. Lecturers’ that are not at the top of the Lecturer Grade A scale may apply but must be able to show evidence of exceptional performance in all of the above areas to support their application.

  2. It is open to any Academic staff member to apply for promotion. It is also open to senior staff to encourage individual staff to apply.

  3. Staff requiring informal, confidential advice about their careers, should contact their Executive Dean , the appropriate Assistant Dean or Human Resources in the first instance, or raise this during their Academic Review.

  4. All members of staff seeking promotion need to make a personal application to the relevant College Review Panel (see individual schemes in menu to the left). The date when it meets is published in the College Calendar. In exceptional circumstances, the date may subsequently be revised and staff will be notified of the new date.

  5. Each Review Panel includes a mechanism for the appropriate consideration of any personal circumstances that may have significantly impacted on that staff member's output volume, and which that person may choose to disclose for this purpose.

  6. The members of the review panels are appointed by the HR Strategy and Policy Committee and are senior staff from across the College. The composition of the Review Panels reflects the diversity of the College's population.   A Human Resources representative attends each panel.  A representative from UCU will be invited to attend each panel in the capacity of Observer.

  7. Staff will be notified by Human Resources of the procedure to use by general e-mail in good time before the closing date for applications.

  8. Staff need to follow the relevant procedure, carefully adhering to its guidelines. A failure to follow them may result in an unsuccessful application. There is no constraint on candidates applying to more than one Review Panel.

  9. All applicants should take care to ensure their application form is as concise as possible. Applications which clearly prioritise the key achievements underpinning the case, as would be expected in an external recruitment process, are likely to be much more informative for the panel than those which simply list all activities. e.g.  an academic promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2013/2014 applying for promotion to Conferment of Title in 2016/17, should focus on progress made since their promotion in 2013/2014 in their application. Similarly, the panel will have access to the feedback given on any unsuccessful applications made in the past 3 years and candidates are strongly advised to ensure that their application addresses this, as it will inform the panels deliberations.

  10. All Academics applying for promotion must confirm that they have completed an Academic Review in the last 12 months. Applications for panels (2017/18 and onwards) will require applicants to have fellowship status of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

  11. The Panels do not receive information on current salaries, nor does it discuss them. Staff in the Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, and Reader grade who wish to be considered for a salary increase should apply in accordance with the Accelerated and Discretionary Awards circular that will be sent out in January 2018.

  12. When the Review Panel meets, it considers all the applications and decides the outcomes. The decision of the Review Panel is final and will not require the approval of the HR Strategy and Policy Committee. Promotions and any increments are awarded effective from the following 1 October.

  13. On completion of the Academic Promotion Review Panel meetings, the Chair of the Review Panel writes to each applicant, advising them of the outcome of his or her application.

  14. If a member of staff’s application is unsuccessful, the Chair’s letter will invite the applicant to meet the Chair of the Review Panel, or nominee, to obtain feedback. Applicants who wish to receive feedback must notify the Master's office within two weeks of receipt of the letter.

  15. An applicant’s failure to have followed the procedure correctly will not be grounds for appeal.

  16. If a member of staff wishes to appeal against the decision of the Review Panel which considered his or her application, he or she must arrange to meet the Chair of the Review Panel no more than two weeks after being notified of the Panel’s decision.

  17. If the staff member, having done this, still wishes to appeal against the decision of the Review Panel, he or she must send a letter to the Director of Human Resources not more than two weeks after meeting the Chair of the Panel, stating the grounds for the appeal (see Appeal Procedure).

  18. The College will not consider appeals against a Panel’s decisions, except where the Dean of the College, having consulted the College Secretary and Director of Human Resources (or nominee) agrees that there has been a fault in the procedure.

  19. The cost of reviews conducted in 2016/2017 will be charged against the budget for 2017/2018 and the implementation of all reviews will therefore be dependent upon the provision of the necessary finance in the 2017/2018 budget. Should the budget, owing to unforeseen circumstances, be insufficient to meet the costs decided by a Review Panel, the decisions would be implemented in the following year’s budget.

  20. All documents relating to the promotion of individuals are sensitive personal data, should be marked as 'Confidential' and should be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

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