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Secondment Policy pdf format

Birkbeck College is committed to developing skills, knowledge and experience of its staff and to identify good practice and enhance organisational flexibility.  Secondments are part of the College’s approach to managing existing talent and succession planning, they offer career development opportunities internally and externally and can contribute to the commitment to working in partnership with other organisations to promote, develop and strengthen networks.  The potential use of a secondment can be identified by either the individual or the line manager as part of the Progress and Development Review process or, if appropriate, when they are advertised.

A secondment can take place when, with the agreement of the line manager, a staff member moves to work in another school or department of the College or to an external organisation for a defined period of time. It may be either on a full or part time basis.  It is presumed that the staff member will return to their substantive post at the end of the secondment. 

A secondment can also take place when a staff member moves to work in the College from an external organisation.  The work may be either full or part time.

Any request for a secondment will be treated seriously and given due consideration.

All secondment opportunities will normally be advertised, staff on the redeployment register should be considered prior to advertising and the College’s Recruitment & Selection Policy adhered to.

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Date printed: 21/03/2018