Human Resources

4.0    Responsibilities

All those persons referred to within the scope of this policy are required to adhere to its terms and conditions. Individual managers are responsible for ensuring that this policy is applied within their own area.

Any queries on the application or interpretation of this policy must be discussed with the HR team prior to any action being taken.

The Director of Human Resources has responsibility for ensuring the maintenance, regular review and updating of this policy. 

Birkbeck reserves the right to review, revise, amend or replace the content of this policy and / or introduce new policies from time to time, subject to good practice principles of consultation where applicable, with staff, representative trade unions and appropriate Committees to reflect the changing needs of the College and to take account of changes in legislation.

The following have direct responsibilities under this policy:

  • Line Managers

    • Submit business case for restructure/downsizing to senior manager and HR.
    • Seek volunteers for redundancy or retirement.
    • Liaise with HR and Executive Dean/Assistant Dean or Lead Academic/Director to identify suitable alternative employment opportunities for staff at-risk of redundancy.
    • Consider whether bumped redundancies may be appropriate in liaison with HR.
    •  Identify the most appropriate form of redundancy notification and support affected staff through the process in conjunction with HR.
    • Attend and/or lead consultation meetings where required.
    • Confirm compulsory redundancies.
    • Discuss suitable redeployment opportunities with at-risk staff.
  • Human Resources

    • Liaise with Director of HR and the Chair of HRSPC to review the business case for restructuring/downsizing.
    • Provide notification of potential redundancies at an early stage to recognised trade unions, where practicable, and forward the business case prior to the collective consultation period.
    • Retain record of selection criteria used to identify staff at-risk of redundancy.
    • Attend consultation meetings with at-risk members of staff, if required.
    •  Liaise with appropriate line manager and Executive Dean/Assistant Dean or Lead Academic/Director to identify suitable alternative employment opportunities for at-risk staff.
    • Provide advice to managers on ‘bumped’ redundancies.
    • Consider requests for voluntary redundancy and notify staff of the outcome.
    •  In liaison with line manager, support affected staff through the redundancy process.
  • Head of HR Services

    • Consider appeal requests.
  •  Employees

    • Attend consultation and other meetings as required.
    •  If lodging an appeal against redundancy, submit request in writing to Head of HR Services.
    •  Notify HR if applying for vacant posts within the College.
    •  Provide written documents to assist in redeployment process, if applicable.
    • Submit requests for voluntary redundancy or retirement in writing.
  • Director of HR

    • Liaise with HR Manager and Chair of HRSPC to consider business case for restructure/proposed redundancies, where appropriate.
    • Notify Governors of redundancies where appropriate.
    • Confirm voluntary severance options that may be made available.
  • Assistant Dean or Lead Academic/Executive Dean/Director

    •  Liaise with appropriate line manager and HR Manager to identify suitable alternative employment opportunities for at-risk staff.

    • Establish selection criteria for redundancy pool where required.

    • Assistant Dean/Director – chair consultation meetings as required and attend as appropriate.

    • Confirm compulsory redundancies.

  • Chair of HR Strategy and Policy Committee/Nominee

    • Review and if appropriate approve business case for redundancy.
    • Approve implementation of selection process.
  • Chair of Appeal Panel

    •  Review appeal requests.

    • Seek to reach consensus but take responsibility for final decisions where appropriate.

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The HR team is based on the first floor of Egmont House
Postal address: Human Resources, Birkbeck, University of London, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX