Human Resources

2.0    Procedure

2.1    Redeployment Process

Redeployees will normally be considered before any internal or external applicants are called for interview for suitable opportunities.

Once a vacancy is identified as potentially suitable or an employee expresses an interest in a vacancy, the process below will normally be followed:

  • The employee will be asked to submit their CV and personal statement outlining the skills, knowledge and experience they can bring to the job based on the requirements of the job description and person specification.
  • The recruiting manager and HR will consider the application against the selection criteria and person specification and if it is felt that the job may be a suitable match, an interview will be offered to the employee and feedback on the outcome provided.
  • There will normally be a trial period (see Section 2.2 Trial Periods).  If it is felt that some training or retraining is needed, the recruiting manager will liaise with HR to arrange this.
  • If the employee continues in the new job at the end of the trial period, the employee is deemed to have accepted the new post and notice is effectively withdrawn. The employee begins a new contract on an open-ended or fixed term basis.
  • In cases of redundancy, where the employee is redeployed into a fixed term post they will normally remain at risk of redundancy and be offered a further meeting to explore other potential redeployment opportunities. The employee will be given notice of redundancy, unless another suitable vacancy becomes available and they will be returned to the redeployment register during their notice period.

2.2    Trial Periods

Staff are entitled to a trial redeployment period of 4 weeks in a new post. This is encouraged by the College as it allows the employee and the new manager to assess whether the job is suitable. Both parties are expected to make every effort for the trial period to be successful. However, if there are reasonable concerns about suitability, the trial period may be ended by either party subject to submitting a written request outlining the reasons for this.

In some cases, for example, where a period of retraining is agreed, the trial period may be extended by mutual agreement for up to a further 4 week period.

A review will be held by the line manager prior to the end of the trial period and if this is successful, the employee will be confirmed in post. If the trial period is unsuccessful, the member of staff will continue, for as long as their employment with the College continues, to be considered for other suitable work where available and remain on the redeployment register until the end of their contract of employment.

2.3    Redundancy Payments

In cases of redundancy, where another suitable opportunity does not become available or where redeployment is not confirmed following a trial period, the member of staff will normally remain entitled to a redundancy payment based on their original contract end date prior to the start of the trial period. If a member of staff at risk of redundancy unreasonably refuses an offer of suitable alternative employment, they may lose their right to a redundancy payment.

2.4    Pay Protection

If a redeployee accepts a job that is one grade lower than their current/previous role, their salary at the date of redundancy/redeployment, excluding allowances, will be protected for one year (excluding discretionary points). 

Where a redeployee requests to be considered for a job that is more than one grade below their current grade, pay protection will be offered, for one year, on the top (non-discretionary) spine point of the grade of the new job, where it is felt that there is a suitable match.

2.5    Support for Employees

Line managers and HR will have joint responsibility to ensure that staff are supported through a potential redundancy/redeployment situation.

Companions at Meetings: Employees have the right to be accompanied to meetings by a Birkbeck trade union representative or a Birkbeck work colleague. Companions may assist staff in stating their case but may not answer instead of the employee. The right to a companion does not extend to job interviews held as part of the redeployment process.

Time Off: Staff will be given support to seek other employment, attend interviews or undertake training.

Counselling: It is acknowledged that this can be a difficult and stressful situation for staff and the College provides additional support for staff through the University of Westminster’s ’Only Connect’ counselling service.   

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