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Redeployment Policy pdf format

1.0    Policy Statement

Birkbeck recognises the importance of job security for staff and the benefits of continuity for effective service provision. The College is committed to retaining the valuable skills, knowledge and experience of existing staff through redeployment, where this is practicable.

The College is seeking to actively redeploy staff into suitable alternative work who are:

  • Selected for redundancy and have at least 2 years’ (1 year’s continuous service if employment started before 6 April 2012) continuous service at the date on which employment is expected to terminate;
  • unable to continue within their job, for example, due to a disability; for health reasons, capability or other appropriate reasons, for example, as part of an agreed conflict resolution;
  • employed on a fixed term contract of at least 2 years’ (1 year’s continuous service if employment started before 6 April 2012)  that is due to end, for example, due to the removal of funding or to completion of a project or piece of work.

The College will endeavour to seek to redeploy staff into suitable alternative jobs at the same grade (spine point) normally on the same terms and conditions where this is practicable. Staff who wish to be considered for jobs at a higher grade will need to apply for these through the normal competitive recruitment process.

1.1    Scope

This policy applies to all staff eligible for redeployment. It does not apply to staff who are redeployed as a sanction in relation to conduct. Details of staff affected will be held on the redeployment register within Human Resources (HR). Redeployees will be registered for job alerts for all internal vacancies. Staff are also advised to register for job alerts with external job boards such as Staff will remain on the register and be considered for suitable opportunities until the end of their employment contract.

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