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1.0 Introduction

The College is committed to ensuring that all jobs are correctly evaluated and this policy has been developed to ensure that the process is both equitable and transparent, irrespective of the size or level of job.  The aim of job evaluation is to provide a systematic and consistent approach to defining the relative worth of jobs within an organisation. It is a process whereby jobs are placed in a rank order according to overall demands placed upon the jobholder. It therefore provides a basis for a fair and orderly grading structure and underpins the College’s commitment to equal pay for work of equal value.

Jobs are graded following the submission of a job description document (JDD), using the Hay methodology.

It is important to recognise that it is the job that is evaluated, not the performance of the individual fulfilling it.

Job evaluation is a technique of job analysis, assessment and comparison and it is concerned with the demands of the job, such as the skills, qualifications, knowledge and understanding, experience and the responsibility required to carry out the job. It is not concerned with the total volume of work, the number of people required to do it, the scheduling of work or the ability of the job holder.

Job evaluation is a method of comparing different jobs. It is a process that seeks to objectively measure the different elements of a job through scoring for each element and resulting in a total score for each job. The jobs are placed in a rank order according to their size, therefore providing a basis for a fair pay and grading structure.

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