Human Resources

Hours of work, overtime and TOIL

This policy provides details of the standard working week for all Birkbeck staff (except Academic staff – see below), and the terms under which overtime and time off in lieu (TOIL) may be worked and paid.

 The requirements of the Working Time Regulations have been taken into consideration in the development of this policy.

Academic employees are exempt from regulation (20) Unmeasured Working Time of the Working Time Regulations, as they do not have set working patterns. Therefore, Academic staff are not covered by the 48 hour maximum working week; they are, however, covered by the regulations with regard to statutory holiday entitlements.

While staff can work certain combinations of multiple concurrent posts where authorised; the maximum combination of concurrent posts which can be worked may not exceed 1fte.

Where an employee requires a change to their working hours or pattern, they must have the clear authorisation of their line manager to vary the hours worked, as stated in their contract of employment (see flexible working).

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