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Code of Conduct for Managing Conflicts of Interest pdf format

1.0  Introduction

Birkbeck values the importance of staff engaging in diverse commercial and public activities which benefit the College and further the academic interests of staff. Such activities should in no way conflict with the interests and obligations of the College.

Birkbeck also recognises that personal relationships may exist or develop within the College. The College values and relies upon the professionalism and integrity of its staff and students; should an employee conduct such a relationship, his/her behaviour must be appropriate. Improper behaviour, abuse of authority, conflicts of interest, or acts of a biased nature will not be tolerated.

2.0 Scope

The Code of Conduct applies to all staff. Although this document does not provide an exhaustive list of activities that sit within the boundaries of the Code, it does however outline the main areas of activity within the College where a conflict of interest (see section 4 Guidance for a detailed definition) may arise. 

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Date printed: 19/09/2018