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Bicycles at Birkbeck UniversityCycle to Work

Birkbeck is supporting the Government Scheme (Green Transport Plan) aimed at getting people to use more environmentally friendly forms of transport and promoting cycling to work. The cycle to work scheme offers a tax free benefit for staff, with savings of between 30% and 40% on the cost of a new bike including safety equipment. Actual savings will depend upon your personal tax band.

The maximum cost of the bike and associated safety and security equipment is £1,000. 

There are no interest or finance charges to pay, credit checks are not carried out and the scheme allows you to spread the cost of commuting over the year. 

The scheme is run through Cyclescheme Limited, an independent company created to help employers take advantage of this government initiative.

You can choose any bike, including electric bikes, providing your chosen supplier is able to supply it and is a Cyclescheme partner - there are over 1,000 independent bike shops who are partners. The following is a list of safety equipment that may be purchased within the scheme (The total value of the bike and associated safety equipment must not exceed £1,000).

To find your nearest participating store and calculate how much you can save through this scheme, simply log on to our web page with Cyclescheme.

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Date printed: 27/10/2020