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Final payments

Payroll is responsible for ensuring that all final payments are concluded at the earliest opportunity, that any over payments of salary are avoided wherever possible, and for the production of all statutory forms (e.g. P45 and Statutory Sick Pay documentation).

It is important that managers inform Human Resources as soon as possible when an employee hands in their notice in order to avoid any overpayment of salary.

All employees must endeavour to take their accrued annual leave entitlement prior to the end of their contract or employment with the College. In exceptional circumstances, where this has not been possible due to work restrictions, any outstanding annual leave will be paid in lieu at the date of leaving.

Managers will be asked to confirm the amount of any outstanding leave for their employee on termination. Employee’s summarily dismissed for gross misconduct or resigning without notice will forfeit any outstanding leave pay in excess of his/her statutory entitlement. 

Any approved outstanding/owed leave at the employment end date will be paid in lieu/deducted from final salary as appropriate, using the following formula:

No. days owed/outstanding x ((1/22 ) x monthly salary) = Amount to be paid/deducted

Where a leaver has taken more than his/her accrued leave entitlement at the date of termination, the College will deduct the equivalent payment from the employee’s final pay.

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Date printed: 24/09/2018