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Unpaid leave

Unpaid Leave is defined as a period of exemption from College teaching and administration duties of one term or more, during which the College does not pay the salary of a member of staff in question, or alternatively it receives external funds to cover his or her commitments to the College in those respects. It may be for any approved purpose.

The possibility of re-arranging timetables to cover for the staff member’s absence will need to be fully explored. Only where the rearrangement of the timetable would be demonstrably impractical will the measures outlines in the following paragraph be considered.

Alternatively, having regard to such factors as the size of departmental establishments, the continuation of vacant posts and the varying patterns of teaching, and to ensure equity in the operation of the policy, his or her department will be paid from School funds sufficient sums so his or her teaching and supervision can normally be met by part-time teachers [or in mutually agreed circumstances, where this is demonstrably not possible or practical, through other arrangements].

No member of staff will normally be permitted to take Unpaid Leave for a period of less than one term.

Unpaid Leave shall not count towards a member of staff’s length of service on which Study Leave credit is based.

Applications for Unpaid Leave require the approval of the Executive Dean.

Applications should be made by completing the form entitled Application for Leave of Absence word format.

In considering applications for Unpaid Leave, the Executive Dean will give consideration to the frequency and duration of periods of Study Leave and Unpaid Leave taken by the member of staff concerned over the previous five years.

The Executive Dean will determine whether such leave shall be granted and the leave shall be reported to the Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, the Academic Board and to Governors (via a composite annual report submitted to each during the autumn term).

No members of staff may take Unpaid Leave during their first two years of employment at the College, or if they are on probation.

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