Human Resources

Procedure for approval: Leave of absence during college vacations

Requests for leave of absence during College vacations need not be approved. However members of staff will recognise that some Departmental or College duties in teaching, research and administration continue throughout the calendar year, as determined by the Executive Dean in consultation with the Assistant Dean (for subject area). It is therefore necessary that proper arrangements should be made by the member of staff to cover these duties during any period of leave (including vacations).

The Executive Dean and Assistant Dean (for subject area) should be notified of any proposed absence from such duties in good time and how the member of staff can be contacted in an emergency. It is the responsibility of all supervisors to arrange appropriate deputy supervision for their research students during any period of leave including vacations. This will not, of course, preclude the continuation of contacts with the existing supervisor if so desired, but it will ensure that the student has someone to consult directly in the school if difficulties demanding immediate solutions arise.

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