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Superannuation arrangements

The School will bear the employer's superannuation costs of Unpaid Leave only after a member of the academic staff has been employed for a minimum of five years, and only if the individual elects to continue their employee superannuation contributions during their period of unpaid leave. 

Employees superannuation contributions should be paid on a monthly basis, however, given the practical difficulties that this may entail, advanced agreement may be entered into for members to re-pay their contribution balance on a single fixed date as soon as they return to work.  If this is not an option at all because of costs or for other reasons of choice, the member can further opt to pay a smaller premium just to cover death in service and ill health, in which case there would be no associated employers costs

The College will not pay towards superannuation costs of any further periods of Unpaid Leave for another seven years after the date of return from the last period.

Members of staff who are granted permission to take Unpaid Leave within five years of appointment or more often than one year in seven shall be required to bear both the employee and employer's superannuation costs themselves if they wish to maintain their pensionable service.

This rule will normally be applicable to members of staff who are on Unpaid Leave for a period of up to one academic year.

In the case of those members of staff who are on Unpaid Leave for more than one year, employer's superannuation costs are normally met by the host institution.

Please note that for the avoidance of confusion it should be noted that “Study Leave” or "Paid leave" means that the member of staff’s salary is paid by the School during the leave. “Unpaid leave” means that the salary is not paid by the School.

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