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Parental leave conditions

All employees with at least one year’s continuous service will be eligible for parental leave in order to look after a child or to make arrangements for the welfare of a child.  Parents of children who were born or placed for adoption between 15 December 1994 and 14 December 1999 must have either worked for the College continuously for at least one year by the time they want to take the leave or have worked for a previous employer continuously for one year between 15 December 1998 and 9 January 2002.  The following conditions will apply:

  • The employee must be the parent, or have acquired formal parental responsibility, for a child who was born on or after 15 December 1994.  Alternatively, the employee must have adopted a child, who is under the age of 18, on or after 15 December 1994.

  • The leave may be taken either:

    • within 5 years of the child’s birth; or

    • within 18 years where the child is disabled. (A disabled child will be one with respect to whom disability living allowance is being paid); or

    • up to the adopted child’s 18th birthday, or within 5 years of the date of adoption, whichever is the sooner. 

    • A total of 18 weeks’ leave is available for each child up to their 5th birthday as described above. A total of 18 weeks' leave is available for each disabled child up to their 18th birthday as described above.

  • Entitlement is per child in the case of multiple births or the adoption of more than one child. 

  • The 18 weeks’ leave entitlement includes any parental leave already taken for a child during any period of previous employment with another employer.  Employees should be aware that Birkbeck reserves the right to request details of leave already taken with previous employers.

  • Parental leave may be taken in blocks of one calendar week up to a maximum of four weeks in a calendar year.  Only complete weeks are taken into account, therefore part of a calendar week taken as parental leave will reduce the employee’s entitlement by a full week.

  • Entitlement is on a proportionate basis for part-time employees - for example, an employee who works two days a week will have the right to 18 of their weeks leave i.e. a total of 36 days’ leave.

  • The only exception to taking parental leave in blocks of at least one week is where the employee intends to take parental leave with respect to a disabled child, in which case the leave may be taken as single days, if necessary.

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