Human Resources

Bereavement and compassionate leave

The death or serious illness of a relative, partner or dependant affects every individual differently.  The personal circumstances surrounding such an event must therefore be taken into account. Employees may be granted paid leave to attend a funeral and to attend to urgent family affairs after a bereavement, or to provide care in the case of a serious illness.  Leave up to a maximum of five days may be granted by the line manager in consultation with their appropriate senior manager as necessary (Director of Operations for School based Professional & Support staff and T&S staff, Assistant Dean for Academic and Research staff or Director of Professional Service Department for non-School based Professional & Support staff) who should at all times treat the request with sympathy.

The personal circumstances surrounding the death or serious illness of a friend must also be taken into account and requests for paid time off will be considered sympathetically. 

Should an employee require additional time off with pay, this may be considered favourably, however any significant extension of the five days paid leave provision should only be granted after consultation with Human Resources.

Advice on entitlements in relation to specific circumstances is available from Human Resources.

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