Human Resources

Family, paternity and parental leave

To detail the eligibility, requirements, entitlements and associated procedures relating to a range of circumstances which may allow or necessitate an employee to take additional leave for parental, paternity (including adoptive parents), or other family reasons, where the employee meets the eligibility requirements.

This policy does not include the provisions connected to Maternity Leave for natural mothers or Adoption Leave for the designated adopter – these are detailed in the Maternity or Adoption Policy, as appropriate. 

Birkbeck recognises that employees may have family responsibilities and obligations in addition to the responsibilities they have to Birkbeck.  It also appreciates that, at times, it is difficult to balance these demands and that undue stress and hardship is caused when a conflict occurs between work and family life.  Birkbeck therefore wishes to provide a range of benefits, which exceed the Statutory requirements, and which will enable employees to fulfil their family responsibilities during urgent or emergency situations without having to use their holiday entitlement.

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