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Acting-Up and Higher-Level Duties pdf format

Birkbeck recognises that opportunities for employees to temporarily act-up into jobs graded at a higher level, or to undertake additional higher-level duties, can be both a positive developmental experience and an appropriate investment by the College in succession training. Whilst the business needs of the College will be foremost in deciding when it is appropriate to resource and remunerate work in this way, commitment is given to the support and promotion of the professional development of all staff groups and where possible, to make opportunities available for employees to experience work beyond their substantive job role duties.

This policy and process is applicable to all staff groups with the exception of those designated as Academic under Charter & Statutes.

All use of such methods will be considered within the context of equal opportunities and equal pay legislation.

This policy should be applied on a temporary basis only. The required duration needed for the cover of the duties must be in excess of six weeks to warrant additional remuneration through the use of this policy. Furthermore these arrangements should typically be in place for a maximum period of twelve months and should be reviewed in conjunction with Human Resources at the anniversary to see whether, if required on an ongoing basis, the individual’s role should then be put forward for Re-Grading.

Where changes to an individual’s role duties are to be permanent, reference should be made to the Grading policy appropriate to the particular staff group.

In the case of those working to a unique (rather than generic) job description, where changes to the role are to such an extent that the post could be identified as being a ‘new job’, there may be a requirement to formally advertise the position.  In such cases, reference should be made to the Recruitment & Selection policy.

Where a potential recruitment or retention issue is identified, reference should be made to the Market Pay Supplements policy rather than any other. 

Where an employee’s individual exceptional performance is to be rewarded but the employee’s job has not substantially changed, reference should be made instead to the Contribution Related Pay policy appropriate to the particular staff group.

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Date printed: 20/01/2018