Human Resources

Policy Statement

Occasioned by business need, this policy is a formal means of recognition and remuneration for short-term changes in the level of work tasks that employees agree to undertake beyond a temporary six week period which would count as a developmental opportunity. The policy may be used for various cover arrangements but is unlikely to be endorsed as cover for the annual leave of a substantive jobholder.

The opportunity to act up or receive a Higher-level Duties allowance will normally be open to competition amongst employees within the relevant School/Department, wherever business needs allow*. It will be the responsibility of the line manager, the person who will be making the application, to ensure that relevant staff (within the School/Department) are informed of such opportunities.

The line manager of employees undertaking such duties will meet regularly with their staff members to review performance, provide support and training and to assess the ongoing suitability of the arrangement.

The financial arrangements will be withdrawn at the completion of the authorised period or sooner if occasioned by unsatisfactory performance or changed business need; at which point the employee will return to their substantive duties and salary.

Acting-up arrangements will be subject to superannuation as the individual will be taking on the whole of the higher level job but any higher-level duties allowance payments will not typically be subject to superannuation as they are by nature more temporary in nature and will not therefore count towards pensionable salary unless there is likelihood of extension beyond a year whereupon this will be reviewed.

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