Birkbeck, University of London Human Resources

Pension Schemes (Superannuation)

Birkbeck participates in two pension schemes:

• USS (Universities Superannuation Scheme) staff in the following categories: Academic, Research, Teaching & Scholarship and Professional & Support staff from grade 7 onwards.

• SAUL (Superannuation Arrangements of the University of London) for Professional & Support staff up to grade 7

Members of staff eligible for membership will be auto-enrolled into the appropriate scheme and will be required to contribute to the scheme according to the Scheme rules.  Birkbeck will contribute an additional sum in order to finance the benefits of the Scheme. Members of staff who do not wish to continue membership of the appropriate scheme can opt out during the first month of employment by completing an opt-out form found on the Finance website. 

Members of staff who opt out of the scheme will join the Additional State pension. 

Further details on the pension schemes, including scheme guides and forms, can be found in the Pensions section of the Finance website.

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Date printed: 23/09/2018