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Geoffrey Levett

MA London Studies

Birkbeck has played a major role in Geoffrey Levett's life, as both he and his wife, Dnize, study at the College; he has just completed an MA London Studies and is now planning to do his PhD, while Denize is studying for a four-year degree. With two sons aged nine and seven, the couple say: 'We could not have managed without the hard work of Deidre Lazarus in the Birkbeck nursery .' Geoff manages his family's north London hotel and is also a Blue Badge guide for London, organising trips for academics and university groups.

'I feel I'm more confident when I am giving tours of historical sites such as the British Museum. I made really good friends on the course. I particularly enjoyed the seminars which helped me to be much more open with my ideas. Birkbeck is an excellent watering hole for those with a thirst for knowledge.'

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'Birkbeck is ideal for those with a thirst for knowledge.'