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BA History and Archaeology

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Understanding the present needs context and that context is usually the past. To explore the past needs complex and varied approaches. The material and written records can appear contradictory or similar and yet require different but complementary skills. Issues of geography, social organisation and hierarchy are all drawn together in a study of both prehistoric and historic times. The rise of agriculture and civilisation can be investigated and the relationships between past societies identified. Approaches from the laboratory to the library and archive are involved in creating narratives of human experience.

Complementary compulsory modules develop both archaeological and historiographical skills enabling you to develop and pursue your own interests in the breadth of the human past. Ultimately, these will allow you to draw together a personal study of one such interest in your dissertation.

Option modules provide you with a range of themes, times and places to research and develop your intellectual engagement with the peoples of the past. Your course director is here to help you make your choice. You may want to select courses that help you build a knowledge base or an approach to the archaeological and or historical past that may inform your research for the dissertation.

For information on fees, course structure, and to apply full or part-time please follow the links below:

BA History and Archaeology: 3-year, full-time

BA History and Archaeology: 4-year, part-time