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BA History

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Most of us are fascinated by history: we watch history documentaries, films, and dramas on television, read biographies about great men and women, and visit the houses in which they lived. Your interest in, and enthusiasm for, the past is the first step towards a BA in History.

Our wide-ranging programme will allow you to further your understanding of familiar historical themes, such as Tudor and Stuart Britain or 20th-century totalitarianism, and encourage you to explore areas of study that may be entirely new, such as the ancient world or modern East Asia.

You will acquire the analytical skills and critical approaches that enable you to assess historical evidence for yourself and to question accepted wisdom about the past as well as enhancing your career prospects by developing the ability to formulate and communicate your own ideas effectively.

For information on fees, course structure, and to apply full or part-time please follow the links below:

BA History: 3-year, full-time

BA History: 4-year, part-time