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BA Archaeology

BA Archaeology2

In times of uncertainty the past can be a refuge or a challenge. Archaeology presents you with an exploration of deep time involving the human experience of living - together and apart, as members of bands, tribes, kingdoms and more. Living by hunting and by farming, mobile and settled, facing challenges of climate change, intensification, civilisation and collapse. Archaeology provides unparalleled insights into being human.

Core modules will develop your archaeological research skills from the library to the site and back again, leading you to produce a dissertation that explores a subject that you’ve developed an interest in through your time here.

There is a wide variety of option modules that can take you from human origins through classical civilisations and on into the medieval period. Your course director is here to help you make your choice. You may want to select courses that help you build a knowledge base or an approach to the past that may inform your research for the dissertation, the main piece of writing you will do.

For information on fees, course structure and to apply full or part-time please follow the links below:

BA Archaeology: 3-year,-full-time

BA Archaeology: 4-year, part-time