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MA European History

MA European History

For information on fees, course structure and to apply full or part-time please visit the prospectus page.

Course director: Dr David Brydan

More than ever, Europe demands to be studied. The MA programme in European History will expand your understanding of the continent and Britain’s place in its history in the modern period. There is no strict starting place in terms of chronology but the themes of revolution, European wars, nation states and empires, and the cultural integration of Europe have their centre in the period between the French Revolution of 1789 and the collapse of Communism in 1989.

In the core course seminars you will be encouraged to think about the meaning of ‘Europeanness’ and how we might think about the application of historical categories and concepts (nation, empire, migration, revolutions, and so on) to the study of Europe.

Students may choose courses from a wide variety of options in European and British history (see the timetable). Your course director is here to help you make your choice. You may want to select courses that help you build a knowledge base or an approach to history that may inform your research for the dissertation, the main piece of writing you will do based on primary sources.