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MA Classical Civilisation/MA Classics

MA Classical Civilisation

For information on fees, course structure or to apply full or part-time please visit the prospectus page.

Course director: Professor Catharine Edwards

These MA programme engage with the ancient Greek and Roman worlds in all their diversity over a long chronological stretch, from Homer to late antiquity – with some forays into their reception in later periods. The core module provides a high level overview of some key problems and approaches: what is the relationship between myth and history?  How do ancient ideas about gender intersect with the political?  How can we make sense of the ancient economy? What is at stake in modern debates about classical heritage? In tackling such questions we grapple with the challenges of interpreting texts which are fragmentary and/or opaque in meaning, of understanding the function of buildings which have largely disappeared, of deploying heuristic models drawn from other disciplines.

These two MA programmes (which share a core module and many options) offer overlapping approaches to the cultures of Greek and Roman antiquity.  Besides the core module and dissertation, MA Classical Civilisation involves two thematic options (though one may be substituted by a language module). Besides the core module and dissertation, MA Classics involves studying at least one ancient language at ‘Set book’ level (thus honing a range of high level literary critical and linguistic skills in getting to know set texts in great detail), as well as a thematic option.