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Owain Morris

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Title of thesis

  • ‘Ties that bind’: assessing ancient networks in Iron Age Campania
  • A study of the regional networks pre- and post- Greek colonization of Campania, with a particular focus on the role of weak ties in network formation.  The mobility of global ideas and objects and their re-contextualisation at local level.


Research interests

  • The archaeology of Magna Grecia, Greek colonization and cultural interaction (particularly in Italy, Croatia/Adriatic, the Black sea and southern France), Greek art and archaeology, Greek sculpture historiography of classical archaeology, Network theory, ANT, agency.

Papers given

  • “Quid in nomine est?  What’s in a name: Re-contextualising the Princely tombs and social change in ancient Campania.” Paper presented at the British School at Rome, June 2011.
  • “Indigenous networks, hierarchies of connectivity and early colonisation in Iron Age Campania.”  CEC conference paper presented at the British School at Rome, June 2012.