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Caroline Clark

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Title of thesis

  • ‘Late Antique and Early Medieval Burial Practice in Gaul: A Diverse Landscape’
  • My current research interests address early medieval burial practices, in the 5th to 9th centuries in Gaul. I am using both archaeological and textual (legal and 'narrative') data from this period, and considering how the two relate (and also fail to relate!) to each other.  The current models of early medieval burial have read off selective snippets of text that tend to focus on one particular archaeological phenomenon: grave goods. Contextualising the written evidence with the known archaeological data in Gaul offers a much broader picture that reveals a patchwork of regional and micro-regional burial cultures that can be approached and understood on their own terms and should not be reduced to comment on a single archaeological phenomenon.  This relates to Early Medieval culture in the wider sense, and gives an insight into the way that cultural practices in general, though written out of the dominant church texts, varied in both style and durability.


Research interests

  • Co-taught MA module ‘History and Memory in the Middle Ages: the Practice of the Past from Late Antiquity to the Twelfth Century’ at Birkbeck, May-July 2012.

Papers given

  • International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, July 2012: ‘Burial Ritual in Sixth- and Seventh- Century Aquitaine: the Evidence of Gregory of Tours’

Honours and awards

  • Awarded a Research Studentship by the School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy at Birkbeck, on the strength of the initial proposal, covering all fees for the PhD.

Forthcoming papers

  • ‘Burial Customs in Sixth- and Seventh-Century Aquitaine: an Analysis of Gregory of Tours’ Opera’, Early Medieval Europe (forthcoming).

Other future research plans

  • Lectureships