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Professor Paul Ginsborg

Professor Paul Ginsborg is a leading authority on contemporary Italy. He taught European Politics at Cambridge University, before moving to Italy in 1992 to take up the chair of contemporary European History at the University of Florence.

He is the author of, among many other books, A history of contemporary Italy: society and politics, 1943-1988 (1990), The politics of everyday life : making choices, changing lives (2005), Democracy: Crisis and Renewal (2008), Italy and its discontents: family, civil society, state, 1980-2001 (2003), Family politics: domestic life, devastation and survival, 1900-1950 (2014).

He writes for many journals and newspapers including the London Review of Books; and in recent years has been at the forefront of Italian civil society's mobilisation in defence of democracy.

He will be giving a public lecture on '1968 and the family' on 28 November 2018. Click here to reserve a place: