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Dr Hiroki Shin

BA (Aoyama Gakuin; University of Tokyo), MA (University of Tokyo), PhD (University of Cambridge)

Honorary Research Fellow

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  • Hiroki Shin is a socio-economic historian studying Britain and Japan in the modern period (c.1700 to the present). After completing his PhD at the University of Cambridge in 2009, he was a visiting fellow at Yale University (2008) and a research associate at the University of York (2008–2012) and the University of Manchester (2013–2014). He was a Researcher in History at Birkbeck College from 2013 to 2017.
  • Please download a copy of Hiroki Shin's CV here.

Research interests

  • My research focuses on the so-called intangible commodities in the modern world, especially money, energy and travel, and how consumers/users have interacted with them. My PhD thesis explored Britain’s experience with the first national-scale introduction of inconvertible paper currency during the Bank Restriction Period (1797–1821). My project at the University of York/National Railway Museum investigated how railway travel has been promoted through marketing since the late nineteenth century. I am currently working on the ‘Material Cultures of Energy’ project with Prof Frank Trentmann, while preparing a manuscript for a monograph entitled The Material Lives of Paper Money.


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Current activities

  • My current main research project is ‘Material Cultures of Energy: Transition, Disruption and Everyday Life in the Twentieth Century’. It is a four-year project, funded by the AHRC, led by Prof Trentmann. As the co-investigator, I am conducting the core research for the project as well as coordinating and managing the project’s research and public engagement activities. The project aims at incorporating consumers’/users’ perspectives and material dimensions in energy history in order to inform the current discussions about environment and global resource problems.