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Dr Lawrence S Owens

Dr Owens is a bioarchaeologist specialising in the understanding of ancient lifestyles through human remains.

He trained at the universities of Durham (B.A. 1996), Liverpool (M.Sc. 1998) and University College London (Ph.D. 2004).

He is a sessional lecturer in Bioarchaeology, and also visiting lecturer to the University of Winchester. His current research is focused on the Egyptian Delta site of Quesna (Ptolemaic and Roman period, as well as burials from a 3rd Dynasty mastaba tomb), and extremely early interments from world-famous site of Merimde Beni Salama. Some of this research is being published through the Egyptian Exploration Society (2017), joining previous edited volumes on Egyptian cultural heritage management (2010/2015). His other main research project is based in Pachacamac, an enormous Pre-Inca city in Coastal Peru. Attacked and defeated by Francisco Pizarro in 1533, this site is among the largest and most important in the Americas, and contains around 80,000 mummified individuals in addition to 16 large temples and numerous other buildings scattered over a 600 ha. area. Dr Owens has brought out various papers concerning the site, and has coedited a volume on Andean funerary archaeology - featuring Pachacamac - brought out by Cambridge University Press in 2015. His teaching for Birkbeck has covered the Certificate, B.A. and M.A. levels, in long-terms and short courses, since graduating from UCL in 2004. He introduced a new module (Advanced Bioarchaeology) as a certificate course in 2005, and has also taught the Environmental Archaeology course. He takes a very wide approach to the subject of human remains, incorporating human and primate evolution, archaeology, genetics and palaeopathology into his lectures, supplemented with specialist talks by visiting lecturers.