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Dr Ioannis Lambrou

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Ioannis Lambrou is an Associate Lecturer in Ancient Greek.

He graduated from the University of Athens with a Ptychion (BA) in Classical Philology, earned his MPhil degree in the same field from the University of Cambridge, and completed his PhD at UCL. His doctoral thesis titled ‘Homer and the Epic Cycle: Dialogue and Challenge’ involved an in-depth study of the complexity that underlies the connections between the pre-Homeric epic tradition, the Homeric epics, and the Epic Cycle.

His recent and forthcoming publications include papers on aspects of the dialogical and competitive dynamics of Greek epic performance poetry, and he is also interested in the fragmentary corpus of pre-Classical ‘historical’ epic.

He has taught a variety of courses, both Greek and Latin, at the Department of Classics at King’s College London, the Department of Greek and Latin at UCL, and the Centre for Languages & International Education, UCL.

He is an Honorary Research Fellow in Classics at UCL and Fellow of the HEA.