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Research interests

Jen’s current research involves integrating architecture, artifacts, and textual evidence to examine ancient daily life and responses to Roman rule. Her research has focused on the site of Dura-Europos, where she has worked for several years, both in the field and in the archive. She is currently writing a book on the housing and households of Dura-Europos as part of a Leverhulme-funded research project entitled Communities on the Frontier. She also recently co-edited a volume on Ancient Graffiti in Context (Routledge, 2010). She has excavated in North America, Europe, and the Near East.

Jen is director of the BA Archaeology and the BA History and Archaeology, and teaches The Past in the Present: Classical Archaeology in the Modern World, The Archaeology of the Roman Empire, and The Edge of Empire: Frontiers and Boundaries of the Roman World, as well as contributing to The Archaeology of Greece, Archaeological Theory, Materials and Objects in Archaeology, and the Classical Archaeology MA core course.


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