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Future Events and Papers

[Note that I only edit this page once a month so apologies if some of the events have already taken place]


23 April 2018: Adrienne Rich evening at the Wilton's Music Hall at 19.30

11 June 2018: Trauma workshop at the University of Newcastle (NSW, Australia). I speak on Rape Trauma Syndrome.

22-23 June 2018: PEN Hessell-Tiltman Prize giving at the Wimpole History Festival

25 June 2018: I speak with ForcesWatch at Birkbeck College

5-6 July, St John's College, Oxford, "Mothering Many Labours" workshop

6-7 September 2018: Death and Culture Conference at the University of York: "Carving into the Body: Forensic Science, Truth, and the Female Corpse"

26 September 2018: I give the Raleigh Lecture (British Academy)

27-28 September: Athens conference on Sexuality; I speak on Sexual Violence

10 October 2018: Trinity College Dublin: "The Science of Sexual Violence, 1870s to the Present"

18 October 2018: Gresham lecture on "State Torture" in Bernard's Inn Hall at 18.00

6 November 2018: Gresham lecture on "Understanding Individual Violence" in Bernard's Inn Hall at 18.00

13-14 December 2018: "Militaries and Militarisation: The Turn to Resilience", The Danish Institute for International Studies

21 March 2019: Gresham lecture on "Cruelty toAnimals" in Bernard's Inn Hall at 18.00

27 November 2019: Macdonald Crichley Lecture at the Apothecaries Hall, London



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