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New PhD Studentship opportunities

The Department of History, Classics and Archaeology is pleased to announce the availability of two fully-funded doctoral studentships.

In advance of Birkbeck's bicentenary in 2023, the Department of History, Classics and Archaeology is pleased to advertise a scholarship for a thesis on the History of Birkbeck, under the supervision of Prof. Joanna Bourke. Applicants are encouraged to consider research topics such as: the College' unique educative mission; the politics of part-time higher education; the biography of George Birkbeck; the Mechanics Institute movement; specific research traditions within Birkbeck.

The second scholarship is for a thesis that falls within the scope of Prof. Joanna Bourke's five-year project 'Sexual Violence, Medicine, and Psychiatry'. Applications will be considered from candidates researching sexual violence in any geographical region of the world from the 1750s to present. The research should be linked to at least one of five research streams: medicine and the law; the role of medical professionals; psychiatric classification systems; psychiatric aftermaths of abuse; and child sexual abuse.

Both scholarships offer a full fee waiver, plus a studentship stipend. Successful applicants are likely to hold, or be in the process of completing, an MA with distinction.

Full details on both scholarships and how to apply are available here: